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Digital inclusion has been an important focal point for the Belgian banking sector for quite some time now. We are living in an increasingly digital society. As a banking sector, we fully support these advancements, but we are also aware that a portion of the population is not currently on board with this digital shift. Providing extra attention to the less digitally inclined citizens is more necessary than ever.

The Febelfin brochure 'Digital Inclusion' helps you get started


Febelfin has created a brochure that lists all the resources we provide regarding digital inclusion and online security. It's a convenient and organized overview for both guides and consumers, encompassing everything you need to know to smoothly and securely make digital payments and manage online financial matters. With this material, you can engage in helping others navigate the digital world or enhance your own knowledge and skills.

Please note that the brochure is only available in Dutch and French. /


Access to banking services, online banking and payments for all. This is something we are strongly committed to as a financial sector. To provide an overview of the existing offer for the non-digital customer and all initiatives taken by the Belgian financial sector in terms of accessibility and digital inclusion, we developed the website /


Universal banking service ensures manual transfers


his service allows for manual transfers to be carried out at a reasonable cost, enabling even less digitally skilled consumers to fully participate in economic life. In this way, the sector aims to provide a solution that ensures everyone can make payments smoothly and manage their money.


E-learning and informational sessions on digital banking and payments


Febelfin has launched a e-learning program for digital coaches, which includes volunteers or professionals who assist individuals in developing enhanced digital skills. The e-learning initiative aims to provide digital coaches with the essential tools they can utilize to guide digital beginners in (secure) online banking and payments. Additionally, Febelfin regularly conducts informational sessions throughout Belgium.


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Liesbeth Dewyn, Head of Marketing bij Febelfin, about digital inclusion

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