About Febelfin


Febelfin, or also known as the Federation of the Belgian Financial Sector, represents the Belgian financial sector. Who are we, and what can we do for you?

We represent the financial sector

As a sector federation, we serve as the voice of the financial sector and represent our members in dealings with policymakers, regulators, professional federations, and interest groups.

We represent approximately 245 financial institutions and account for around 54,200 direct jobs. Our commitment lies in fostering a social and transparent banking system.

Febelfin's mission: To grow a financial sector that serves the needs of society.

In doing so, we focus on values such as:

  • Responsible, collaborative, goal-oriented
  • Proactive
  • Innovative
  • Credible

We have 4 core tasks:

  • Advocate viewpoints for and by members
  • Represent interests at regional, national, and European levels, as well as participate in social negotiations and engage with a broad network of stakeholders
  • Provide services such as information, analysis, and advice, or deliver training through Febelfin Academy
  • Communicate with members and the general public, and participate in debates on professional, political, social, and educational matters.
With more than 245 members under its umbrella, Febelfin represents the majority of the financial sector in Belgium.
Isabelle Marchand, Spokesperson Febelfin

What are our goals?

  • Provide the right answers to the financing needs of individuals, businesses, public authorities, and their projects.
  • Listen to societal needs and engage in dialogue with a broad network of partners and stakeholders, who together strive for a sustainable financial sector.
  • Develop innovative, secure, and high-quality financial services accessible to all citizens.
  • Work towards a stable, sustainable, and fair regulatory and business environment.

Our task here? We want to guide you through the complex landscape of money, of saving and investing, of borrowing and repaying, of paying safely at the cash register or online.