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Supervision & policy

Opinion Geert Gielens: Capital market elephants

In this opinion, Geert Gielens, Chief Economist Febelfin, explains why it is right and absolutely necessary to make the capital markets in Europe work better, together with policies aimed at not only making the whole supply side of the economy work better, but also promoting financial education so that investors also have the necessary knowledge.


Supervision & policy

Febelfin Valuation Template

The Febelfin Valuation Template is the Febelfin default template to exchange essential data from valuation reports for non-residential real estate in a structured and uniform way.  


Supervision & policy

Opinion piece: Working towards a single capital market

De Europese Unie staat voor de gigantische uitdaging haar economische veerkracht te versterken. Eén van de absolute prioriteiten daarbij moet de uitbouw zijn van een Europese kapitaalmarkt.


Supervision & policy

Febelfin position on the Capital Markets Union

In this paper, the Belgian Financial industry shares its vision on how to achieve stronger European capital markets for the benefit of citizens, companies and Member States alike. The political momentum that we see today – reflected in recent reports and statements - should be leveraged to the greatest possible extent.


Sustainable living: What financing challenges do we face?

The transition to a more sustainable society poses major challenges. To meet climate targets, energy-efficient renovations of Belgian homes are crucial. This will require significant investments. Lending will therefore play an important role, especially because not all households have the means to finance these renovations. Febelfin works on solutions together with the government and stresses the importance of awareness and access to EPC data.


Sustainable banking

Opinie: 2050 lijkt veraf, maar de financiering van duurzaam wonen en rijden begint nu

Febelfin benadrukt het belang van een open dialoog tussen de overheid en de financiële sector, om aangepaste kredietformules te kunnen ontwikkelen voor gezinnen. In dit opiniestuk legt de Beroepsvereniging van het krediet (BVK) i.s.m. met Embuild, FEBIAC en Febelfin uit welke cruciale maatregelen onmisbaar zijn, met de nadruk op bewustwording en de financiering van deze transitie.


Supervision & policy

Febelfin position on the Late Payment Regulation

The Belgian financial industry welcomes the Late Payment Regulation and supports the goal of the Commission to combat late payments but has, in this respect, some practical remarks concerning the financing of corporates in the EU.


Working in the financial sector

Annual report Febelfin 2023

2023 was yet another year of many social, political and economic challenges, in which Febelfin dedicated itself to contribute to a more sustainable, innovative and inclusive future. Febelfin represents the financial sector. But what does that mean exactly? What did Febelfin achieve in 2023 and what are the ongoing projects? Discover this in our latest annual report.


Working in the financial sector

Speech Michael Anseeuw Febelfin Connect 2024

This speech was given by Michael Anseeuw, the Chairman of Febelfin, at Febelfin Connect 2024, Febelfins annual networking event.


Digitalization & innovation

Online and offline banking through consumers’ eyes

Online banking use is still on the rise. A fifth of Belgians (22%) say they did digital banking on their computer or through banking apps more often in 2023 than the year before, with the app, in particular, appearing to be overtaking PC use. However, even if physical appointments or cash withdrawals are becoming increasingly rare, the idea of having a bank branch or ATM nearby remains important to a large proportion of Belgians. Find out everything about it in this storytelling brochure.


Supervision & policy

Position: Digital euro

In 2023, the European Commission came up with a proposed legal framework for a digital euro. Within this proposed framework, the groundwork is laid for a digital form of cash that would be issued by the European Central Bank.


Fraud & security

Anti-fraud poster

This free poster warns against forms of online fraud such as phishing, investment fraud, safe deposit box fraud and help request fraud. The source files can be requested from


Financing the economy

Charter: Financiering van (vrouwelijke) ondernemers

Dit Charter herbevestigt de inzet van de financiële sector voor gendergelijkheid en staat ook symbool voor een concreet engagement om de toegang tot verschillende financieringsbronnen voor ondernemers te verbeteren.  


Fraud & security

Phishing and other lurking dangers

From the results of the Febelfin study in collaboration with the research agency Indiville, it appears that cybercriminals sent out a massive number of phishing messages in 2023. How is the population’s knowledge regarding online fraud? What forms of fraud are current, how ‘safe’ do we behave when making online purchases, and do we still give away our codes as easily? Where does the sector focus on? Read all about it in our storytelling.