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Supervision & policy

Retail Investement Strategy (RIS)

In May 2023, the Commission proposed the Retail Investment Strategy. With this proposal, EU lawmakers aim to improve retail investor participation in capital markets while safeguarding the highest levels of consumer protection. The Belgian financial industry is a strong supporter of these goals and has given its feedback on the proposal. Febelfin believes that the expertise of the Belgian financial industry can support lawmakers in developing well-balanced and effective measures to achieve these goals.


Fraud & security

Financial fraud and businesses: how to prevent and recognize fraud

Nowadays, there are various types of fraud that are aimed in particular at companies and that can potentially lead to major financial losses (CEO fraud, invoice fraud, phishing,..) We explain how fraudsters try to mislead you and how you can harm yourself, your employees and protect your company against these types of fraud.


Supervision & policy

Banking: a complex system that needs nuance instead of populism

The debate on the minimum interest rate on savings accounts has dominated the public and political debate for several days now. Understandable, everyone would like to receive a little more interest on their savings. This would be a nice bonus, especially in a period of high inflation in which life has become more expensive. Read the opinion of Karel Baert, CEO of Febelfin.


Supervision & policy

Tax reform, a missed opportunity?

An opinion of Karel Baert, CEO of Febelfin and Geert Gielens, Director Economic and Strategic Affairs at Febelfin on tax reforms and additional levies for the financial sector.


Supervision & policy

Bundled sales: position of the financial sector

In response to a preliminary draft law, various forums published articles and positions on the “bundled sale”. In this document you will find the vision of the banking sector.


Digitalization & innovation

Banking standards for internet banking for businesses

In this article you will find the Febelfin standards for internet banking for businesses.


Supervision & policy

Belgium at the helm: Financial recommendations for the Belgian presidency in 2024

In the run-up to 2024, Febelfin is publishing its recommendations for the Belgian presidency. With this document, the financial sector hopes to make its priorities known, and share its knowledge around specific technical files. Moreover, we submit some suggestions to raise the quality of European legislation.


Working in the financial sector

Memberlist Febelfin

Febelfin represents approximately 245 financial institutions in Belgium. In this list you will find all members.