Febelfin's brochure 'Digital Inclusion' helps you get started

Stay up to date with the latest measures from the financial sector

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A significant portion of our lives takes place online or occurs digitally. This includes tasks like making payments and managing your banking affairs: from online shopping to checking your balance and conducting transfers through a PC or smartphone, as well as making payments with your card in a store. It's smooth and fast. More and more people are finding their way in this digital world. However, it's not the case for everyone.


Therefore, Febelfin has created a brochure listing all the resources we provide concerning digital inclusion and online security. It's a convenient and structured overview, suitable for both guides and consumers, encompassing everything you need to know to make digital payments and manage online financial matters smoothly and securely.

Enhancing digital skills for everyone contributes to the progress of our society. Febelfin aims to contribute to this by offering assistance and guidance. We strongly believe in a broad and comprehensive approach to ensure everyone becomes a part of our digital society.

With this material, you can embark on the journey of helping others navigate the digital world or improving your own knowledge and skills.