E-learning for trainers and information sessions

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A large part of our lives takes place online, including banking. The reason is simple: it goes smoothly and quickly. In contrast to the enormous benefits of this digitization, many of us do not (yet) find their way in this new, digital world. Febelfin therefore developed a new e-learning for digicoaches/trainers and organizes information sessions on 'digital banking and payments' all over Belgium to help close the digital gap.


E-learning 'online banking and payment'


Febelfin is launching a new e-learning for digicoaches/trainers, more specific for volunteers or professionals who guide people in developing more digital skills. The e-learning aims to provide digicoaches with the necessary tools that they can use when coaching digistarters in (secure) online banking and payment. By digistarters we mean someone who has difficulty keeping up with the digital evolution and who feels that they have insufficient digital skills

The E-learning is made up of 4 chapters:

  • PART 1: How to deal with a digistarter?
    Help Roger, Anissa and Wolf find their way in the digital world.
  • PART 2: Online banking 
    How to start your PC banking, banking with the banking app, etc.
  • PART 3: Safe online banking 
    Help your digistarters recognize fraud, what to do if you are a victim, etc.
  • PART 4: Digital payment 
    Pay contactless with a card or pay and receive money with your bank app

Our goal: we want to share our knowledge and offer as many people as possible the opportunity to get started with online banking and payments.

Are you a trainer and would you like to refresh your digital knowledge and/or keep it up-to-date for your future training courses on online banking and payments? Then this e-learning is definitely something for you!



  • Free
  • Intended for both professional and voluntary trainers
  • Reference work: the e-learning provides an overview of all available tools and the most up-to-date information about (secure) online banking and payments.
  • Consists of concrete cases, videos and exercises
  • Possible to go directly to the chapter you are interested in
  • Content is dynamic and is supplemented with new/current information and material
  • Point of contact for all your questions
  • Certification from Febelfin Academy

If you are interested in following this e-learning and contributing to a more inclusive society, please send an email with your details (surname, first name, email) to digicoach@febelfin.be.

And don't hesitate to share this info. Sharing is caring!


Information sessions


Febelfin organizes information sessions on digital banking and payments throughout the year. These information sessions are tailored to the organization involved and consist of 3 chapters:

  • How to get started with digital banking?
  • How to bank in a safe way?
  • How can I pay digitally?

If your organization also wishes to organise an information session, please contact us via info@febelfin.be for more information.