Digital banking for all Brussels residents | Febelfin

Digital banking for all Brussels residents

20 June 2022 - 4 min Reading time

The Brussels-Capital Region and Febelfin Join Forces to Combat Digital Illiteracy


The Brussels-Capital Region and Febelfin, the Belgian Federation of the Financial Sector, have committed to guiding citizens toward greater digital self-sufficiency and the use of digital tools by 2025 through internet and mobile banking training and awareness-raising actions.


Digital stress, a hindrance to using digital services


Digital banking services are increasingly prevalent today. In Belgium, there are approximately 15 million subscriptions for internet banking and 10 million for mobile banking. However, a portion of the population still does not use these digital banking services for various reasons, including the need for social contact and fear of computer tools.

To combat digital exclusion and guide citizens in using digital government and banking services, an effective collaboration has been established between public and private partners. Through the Brussels Regional Informatics Center (CIBG) and, the Brussels agency for administrative simplification, the region aims to achieve greater digital inclusion through concrete actions with Febelfin, the Belgian Federation of the Financial Sector. To formalize this partnership, all involved parties signed an agreement on June 14, 2022.


A first initiative? "Digital banking for everybody"


The first initiative resulting from this agreement is "Digital Banking for Everyone." Febelfin will offer free information sessions for Brussels citizens in all Brussels municipalities on digital banking and payments. The focus will also be on "safe digital banking," addressing various forms of fraud such as phishing or assistance fraud. Representatives from various banks will be available to answer participants' questions and help them install banking apps on their phones or tablets.

Bernard Clerfayt, Brussels Minister of Digital Transition, commented on this initiative, saying, "The future is digital! However, 40% of Brussels residents claim not to have computer skills. Therefore, the Brussels Region has developed a plan for digital accessibility, inviting all actors—both associations and private companies—to take action to improve the digital skills of Brussels residents. I am pleased with this collaboration that will enhance citizens' digital literacy."

In an increasingly digital society, it is crucial to pay sufficient attention to digital inclusion. While banks innovate and develop digital tools to meet citizens' needs, they are also aware that not all citizens are familiar with these technologies. Some individuals require more personalized guidance to make the transition, and this initiative aims to provide a practical solution. Digital inclusion is an integral part of our societal commitment.
Karel Baert, CEO Febelfin

A strong action resulting from collaboration: CIBG and join forces


Nicolas Locoge, Director-General of CIBG, stated, "Raising awareness among the general public about the services available to them and guiding them in their digital steps is one of the key focuses of the Brussels Regional Informatics Center. With the plan for digital accessibility as our guide, we look forward to establishing contacts to develop on-the-ground citizen support. In addition to personal guidance, the goal is to build a broad network of actors around digital inclusion. Our strength lies in collaboration."

The Brussels Regional Informatics Center will now closely collaborate with, the Brussels agency responsible for administrative simplification.

Cathy Marcus, Director of and representative of the Brussels-Capital Regional Government, concluded, "The training in banking and digital inclusion organized with Febelfin is an important tool for reaching individuals with limited digital skills as closely as possible, in this case, at the municipal level. With the help of local authorities and our partners, including the Association of the City and Municipalities of the Brussels-Capital Region (Brulocalis), digital inclusion is gaining ground within the region."

The "Digital Banking for Everyone" initiative with Febelfin is just one of the first projects resulting from this new partnership. Over the next three years, the involved regional actors will commit to identifying and concluding other cooperation agreements that can be beneficial for digital inclusion.