Shortage occupations in the financial sector

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The financial sector has concluded a labor deal on the monitoring of shortage occupations. This is both new and necessary, as the sector is constantly looking for new talent (both junior and senior). The banking sector is not the only sector affected by the search for profiles, but often the perception is against it.


However, there are many career opportunities and the banking sector needs a wide variety of profiles. And it is not only about standard profiles such as IT, but also functions such as auditing, private banking, risk & compliance, asset management, sales, financial expertise, law, marketing and communication, and certainly also cybersecurity. In addition, the financial sector attaches great importance to the soft skills of candidates, such as learning ability, curiosity, communication, leadership and teamwork.

The sector is committed to attracting new talent by offering attractive remuneration and a lot of flexibility (teleworking, etc.), but also by focusing on continuous training opportunities and promoting an inclusive and ethical working environment.

We also continue to emphasize our social and economic role and demonstrate that every employee employed in the financial sector works for the benefit of society. Indeed, we play a key role in the transition to a sustainable economy. Banks invest money to realize the dreams of individuals or companies. Working in the financial sector means not only supporting this process, but also building the future that is still unwritten. A nice challenge.