The search for talent

Stay up to date with the latest measures from the financial sector

As a sector we have many assets to offer and as an employee you get every opportunity to further develop your talent. Fin Talent serves for this purpose. Fin Talent is the whole of sectoral initiatives, supported by Febelfin, and of which Febelfin Academy develops the training part. Read here how Elan+ or the Fin Days can help you further develop your talents or how we try to prepare new 'bankies' for a job in finance.

The right to disconnect


The banking sector is the first sector in Belgium to have concluded a collective labor agreement on disconnection. The right to disconnect is intended to protect employees from work overload and the constant pressure to stay connected outside working hours. Febelfin Academy offers a unique e-learning in which you become acquainted with the risks of hyperconnection and what actions you can take to disconnect.




Fintalent, the platform for equal access to financial education! We provide free access to financial professionals and also offer exciting initiatives for students, such as the Fin Competition or the Fin Days for bank employees who want to stay informed about financial news.


Boost your talent with Elan+


Do you want to keep shining in your job at the bank? Then rely on Elan+. A unique collaboration between the trade unions, employers of Joint Committee 310 and Febelfin Academy. Elan+ wants to give bank employees the opportunity to participate in distance courses and the Fin Days or follow a free training.


The Belgian Financial Forum for more knowledge


The Belgian Financial Forum is the ultimate meeting place for professionals, policymakers, academics, and businesses. It also serves as a powerful tool for sharing knowledge and information in the field of finance and economics. We organize engaging lectures and seminars and publish various publications. Students are welcome to participate in our initiatives.



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