Women in Finance

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Who is W.i.F. and what do they do?


Women in Finance saw the light of day in 2018. What started as a private initiative of a small group of senior profiles has grown into an organization that includes all major financial institutions.


Women in Finance is an organization that advocates for more gender diversity in the financial sector and wants all financial institutions to become (more) aware of the importance of diversity and inclusion. And that's a good thing for everyone!

"Women in Finance advocates more gender diversity in the financial sector. And that is essential. Leadership positions are only held by a woman in 25% of cases."

A charter for more diversity


A charter was written by Women in Finance. Companies that sign the charter commit to:

  • measure gender differences at every level in their company
  • specific objectives for the company
  • prepare a diversity and inclusion action plan
  • designate a person responsible for diversity

Women in Finance also wants to translate the charter into action. That is why it has set up five working groups that work on:

  • making job descriptions more inclusive
  • set up a mentoring program
  • ensure that women have enough inspiring role models
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Women in Finance's mission is twofold:

  • raise awareness of diversity and inclusion
  • promote gender balance at all levels within the financial sector

To support this mission, Women in Finance will take several positive actions such as:

  • promote equal opportunities for men and women
  • promote inclusive leadership
  • foster a credible, innovative and respectful environment for attracting, retaining and training female talent