Regulations for the merchant when offering payments

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If you want to offer digital payment solutions as a merchant, you need to consider certain regulations. Below you'll find more information about the law regarding the mandatory electronic provision of a digital payment method, the conditions you need to meet for offering direct debits and transfers, and you can also find the Febelfin standards for internet banking.

Mandatory provision of digital payment option law


Starting from July 2022, all businesses, regardless of their size, are obligated to provide a digital payment method to consumers. This ensures that consumers always have the option to make digital payments if they desire. This initiative encourages the use of digital payment methods among consumers who prefer them.


Conditions for offering transfers and direct debits


Before you, as a merchant, can offer digital transfers or direct debits as a payment option, you must meet certain conditions.


Febelfin standards for online banking


Based on guidelines from the European Payments Council (EPC), Febelfin has published implementation guidelines.


CODA file to track your income and expenses


An encrypted account statement or CODA is an electronic file containing comprehensive information about transactions from your Belgian accounts. Discover why this is beneficial for you as a merchant.