​​E-learning Digicoach: Boost for digital skills bank employees about online banking & payments

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9 July 2024 - 4 min Reading time

After a successful launch of our Digicoach E-learning in 2023 for volunteers or professionals who want to help others strengthen their digital skills, it is now also available to financial sector employees. In fact, the E-learning will be included in the training offer of Elan+ for 2024-2025. In this way, bank employees will be able to maximise their skills in online banking and payments in order to guide others with less digital skills (digistarters).


The Digicoach E-learning in a nutshell 


In 2023, Febelfin launched the Digicoach E-learning to promote accessible banking. Volunteers or professionals who guide others in strengthening their digital skills (digicoaches) are given the necessary tips and tricks via this E-learning. Belgians have more access than ever to digital technology and increasingly arrange their banking affairs online. However, not everyone has the required digital skills, so this guidance is crucial. The banking sector developed this training to provide the necessary support.

By sharing her knowledge, Febelfin supports digicoaches in guiding digistarters and ensures that they can (safely) bank and pay online without worries. With the necessary tools and tips & tricks in hand, we offer digicoaches the opportunity to have a significant impact and we aim to achieve a "multiplier effect".


Succesful initiative


The E-learning was well received and already delivered successful results: by the end of 2023, as many as 319 volunteers and professionals had completed the training. Meanwhile, the counter already is at more than 400 inscriptions and this positive trend continues. The success of this initiative not only shows the relevance and necessity of the E-learning, but also its impact on a wide group of people who are finding it difficult to navigate in the digital world.


Success translates into expansion to bank employees 


Excellent news: it was recently decided to offer E-learning to all employees in the financial sector as well. For them as well, it is indispensable to take their digital skills to the next level or keep them up-to-date. The Digicoach E-learning will therefore be included in Elan+'s training offer for 2024-2025.

The training platform Elan+ offers employees in the financial sector free training and E-learnings on topics ranging from finance and digital competences to personal development and career guidance. It was created thanks to a unique collaboration between trade unions, employers in joint committee 310 (PC 310) and Febelfin Academy.

"With the Digicoach E-learning, bank employees can transform themselves into ultimate digital experts in secure online banking. In this way, they can strengthen their own position as bank employees and make an indispensable social contribution in creating a safer digital world."
Wien De Geyter, Secretary-General Febelfin and Chairwoman Febelfin Academy 

Want to know more about the E-learning?


To find out more about the content and details of the training, be sure to read the Digicoach E-learning article on our website. Would you also like to boost your digital skills in online banking and payments and are you interested in taking the E-learning? Then send an e-mail to digicoach@febelfin.be.