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Multicultural Bankers is a network which aims at making bankers of all origins more visible and culture in finance more inclusive! Co-created by Claire Godding of Febelfin and Jason-Louise Graham of ING, Multicultural Bankers Belgium prioritises increasing visibility of multicultural role models (inside and outside the financial sector), recruiting and promoting multicultural talents, making the culture of finance more inclusive and addressing biases in HR practices and microaggressions at work. To make it more visible, Multicultural bankers has it’s own website!


What do we do?


Multicultural Bankers Belgium aims at doing this by hosting an abundance of initiatives, programmes and tools to drive multiculturality in the banking sector.

  • We organise events where all colleagues of the sector, whatever their origin, can meet, network, better understand the importance of multicultural inclusion
  • We offer free workshops to our members, on how to react to racist microaggressions, on how to reduce the impact of bias, or on all themes where a need is present
  • We develop tools in order to accelerate multicultural diversity and inclusion in our sector. We share those tools on our website
  • We advise financial institutions on multicultural inclusion issues, on how to launch an internal network, how to measure multicultural diversity, how to reduce the impact of bias in recruitment...
  • We support internal networks of financial institutions
  • We act on attracting multicultural talents to the financial sector, by being present in different recruitment events and sharing portraits of multicultural bankers on our site and on social media.

Much needed network

We believe in the necessity of this network because:

  • Results of our surveys are telling. Unconscious biases, micro-aggressions and lack of role models make the career experience for employees with a different origin much harder.
  • Demographics are clear : Brussels is the most multicultural city in the world. Without efforts, too many talents do not get access to our sector.
  • Over 2/3 of employees with sub Saharan African origin or Morocco origin do experience racist micro-aggressions, and half of them confirm it impacts their self-confidence and their career.

Brand new website


Our brand new website is a place that serves as a catalyst for meaningful connections, knowledge sharing, and initiatives that foster an environment where every banker, regardless of their origin, can thrive and contribute to the evolution of finance as a truly inclusive field.  This includes useful Tools that can be used by industry professionals, multicultural bankers and those wanting to know more about multiculturality, Portraits that tell the inspiring stories about bankers of different origins and backgrounds and our Pledge, which ensures that both employees and companies are committed to building and fostering a truly multicultural environment.