How ESG reporting can make a difference for your business

Stay up to date with the latest measures from the financial sector

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The world is constantly changing: ecological and social changes also have an impact on the (renewal of) business models of companies.


For example, more and more companies are using sustainability or ESG pillars to report. ESG relates to three pillars: the environment (environment), society (social) and good governance (governance). In essence, ESG reporting ensures that a company can communicate smoothly and transparently about the social and environmental consequences of its activities and its governance. It enables companies to demonstrate that they contribute to a more sustainable world.

But how do you initiate this innovation in your company? And how do you measure and manage the transition to greater sustainability? Febelfin has prepared a handy leaflet for you as an entrepreneur with the most important principles of ESG reporting, which also lists the benefits and some examples of ESG reporting.

Take the first step and make ESG reporting a priority! The future starts today.