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You have some money in reserve and would like to invest (part of) it. Investing is an alternative way to build up capital and can be a nice addition to the classic savings account. There are many options for investing and you don't have to be an expert to get started. Below you can read useful tips, you will get an overview of the options available and you can read which regulations protect you.

How do you invest?


1 in 3 Belgians would like to invest, but do not do so due to a lack of information. Almost everyone has been introduced to saving when they were young, but there are plenty of alternatives to the classic savings book. Febelfin therefore launched the website 'Club Beleg', a handy site that gives you an overview of all investment options and explains the basics of investing in a simple way. There is a suitable offer for every potential investor, tailored to the customer's investor profile.


Tips to start investing


You don't have to be an expert or stock market connoisseur to invest. Starting to invest is like starting to walk. You don't immediately run a marathon either. To help you, Beama (sub-association of Febelfin) puts the spotlight on the brochure 'Investing for a better future' with tips for when you start investing.


MiFID II: the European directive that protects investors


As an investor you naturally want the certainty that your investments are well managed and that your invested money is properly protected. The MiFID II directive was created for this purpose. Read more about it in the articles below.



What does MiFID II mean for me as an investor?

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Why an investor profile?

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