Banks are ready to support companies in the context of the energy crisis

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Energy and raw material prices have risen enormously in recent months, with major consequences for the economic situation in our country. High energy prices also put particular pressure on the financial situation of companies. In this uncertain climate, the financial sector wants to assume its responsibility and be ready to provide maximum assistance to companies that are struggling.


Together we look for a tailor-made solution for companies


Banks will do everything possible to help companies bridge this difficult economic situation. Companies that are at risk of experiencing financial difficulties due to the high energy prices can contact their bank to look for a possible tailor-made solution together.

There are various options for offering companies or the self-employed an individual solution. Companies can request a deferral of capital repayment, but also additional financing, an extension of the term of their credit, or even a combination of these formulas or another alternative option. The best way to get a company out of financial difficulties will become clear from the bilateral consultation with the bank and the assessment of each specific file.

The financial sector will do its utmost to assist and support as much as possible all companies and self-employed persons who are under financial pressure due to the energy crisis.

Febelfin has drawn up the leaflet “Talk to your banker before it is too late” to familiarize companies with tailor-made solutions.