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Working in the financial sector

Annual report Febelfin 2023

2023 was yet another year of many social, political and economic challenges, in which Febelfin dedicated itself to contribute to a more sustainable, innovative and inclusive future.

Febelfin represents the financial sector. But what does that mean exactly? What did Febelfin achieve in 2023 and what are the ongoing projects? Discover this in our latest annual report. It highlights the initiatives undertaken by the sector to support the economy, guide the transition to a more sustainable society, ensure financial safety and solidity and promote digital inclusion. From combating money laundering and fraud to promoting financial education, Febelfin exemplifies the important economic and societal role of the financial sector.

Looking ahead, Febelfin is steadfast in its commitment to actively contribute to shaping tomorrow's society as a constructive and proactive partner.


Working in the financial sector

Speech Michael Anseeuw Febelfin Connect 2024

This speech was given by Michael Anseeuw, the Chairman of Febelfin, at Febelfin Connect 2024, Febelfins annual networking event.


Digitalization & innovation

Online and offline banking through consumers’ eyes

Online banking use is still on the rise. A fifth of Belgians (22%) say they did digital banking on their computer or through banking apps more often in 2023 than the year before, with the app, in particular, appearing to be overtaking PC use. However, even if physical appointments or cash withdrawals are becoming increasingly rare, the idea of having a bank branch or ATM nearby remains important to a large proportion of Belgians. Find out everything about it in this storytelling brochure.


Supervision & policy

Position: Digitale euro

In 2023 kwam de Europese Commissie met een voorstel van wettelijk kader voor een digitale euro. Binnen dit voorgestelde framework wordt de grondslag gelegd voor een digitale vorm van cash dat zou worden uitgegeven door de Europese Centrale Bank.


Fraud & security

Anti-fraude poster

This free poster warns against forms of online fraud such as phishing, investment fraud, safe deposit box fraud and help request fraud. The source files can be requested from