​​BEAMA’s Future Vision 2024 – 2026​ Asset Management for a prosperous and sustainable future

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Brussels, 17 January 2024 - BEAMA has drafted a vision document that will set the direction of the asset management sector in Belgium for the next 3 years. 

This document is an invitation to all our partners to join BEAMA in shaping the future of asset management in Belgium. We look forward to jointly address the challenges and opportunities and have a positive impact on the growth and development of our society's prosperity. 

Our vision for the future is structured around six strategic pillars, which are explained below. 


6 strategic pillars

  1. Sustainability: By directing savings towards sustainable investments, asset managers play a key role in Europe's efforts for a sustainable planet. The Belgian asset management sector wants to be at the forefront of this evolution.
  2. Fiscal neutrality: All forms of savings and investments offered in Belgium should be treated as equally as possible in tax matters, with a focus on the interest of the customer.
  3. Technological developments: With new technologies, such as artificial intelligence, emerging rapidly, it is vital that the asset management sector in Belgium embraces technological advances. This constitutes an essential element for growth, maintaining a strong competitive position and improving our services to customers.
  4. Asset management for the future: A future-oriented Belgian asset management sector implies actively seizing opportunities in a rapidly changing environment. In doing so, it is important to maintain and preferably increase the position of Belgium as a financial centre.
  5. Investment solutions: A rugged and reliable asset management sector is characterized by a strong risk policy, suitable asset management for various customers – both private and institutional – and responds to the demand for innovative segments (such as private equity, private debt & infrastructure). Furthermore, the sector provides suitable investment solutions for a variety of societal challenges, including, for example, the aging population, through retirement savings funds and corporate pension fund.
  6. Inclusion: We want to be an asset management sector where everyone feels welcome. We focus particularly on improving the gender equality by attracting women for all positions and on every level. Moreover, inclusion is about providing equal chances, improving the financial knowledge and assuring the access to investment products for everyone. On top of that, we make efforts to improve the involvement of private customers in the capital markets.

Vision document


The vision document can be found on the website of BEAMA


Who is the Beama?


BEAMA is the Belgian Federation of Asset Managers, and the mouthpiece of the asset management sector in Belgium.