Worldline and Febelfin warn of Card Stop fraud via telephone

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2 February 2024 - 2 min Reading time

Consumers are advised never to share bank details

In recent times, an increasing number of people are receiving calls from a number starting with '04'. The voice on the other end of the line claims to be a Card Stop employee and informs that suspicious transactions have been detected on a bank account. In reality, this is a fraudulent call not coming from Card Stop but from scammers. Worldline and Febelfin remind consumers never to share information via SMS, email, social media, or phone.


Fraudsters use various techniques to phish for the bank details of their victims: SMS, email, social media, and phone calls. In this case, they call consumers posing as Card Stop employees (often with an automated message first) and inform them of fraudulent transactions on their bank account. Through clever manipulation techniques, the fraudsters ask victims to perform an unusual action, such as downloading an application on their mobile phone, to gain access to their personal data. These practices often lead to a depleted bank account.

Worldline reiterates some precautions to avoid falling into the trap:

  • Card Stop will never proactively call cardholders to inform them of fraudulent transactions. Therefore, do not accept calls asking you to take action on behalf of Card Stop. These are fraudulent calls intended to obtain personal information. Hang up immediately!
  • Never disclose your PIN or other bank codes via phone, email, SMS, or social media. Worldline, the manager of Card Stop, or banks, will never ask for this type of information

For those who have fallen victim, Worldline recommends following the steps below as soon as possible:

  • Immediately block your card by calling Card Stop at 078 170 170.
  • Contact your bank.
  • Change your codes.
  • File a complaint with the police.