Victim of online fraud? Banks are available 24/7

23 January 2023 - 3 min Reading time

In the fight against online fraud, the banks offer a specific service that customers can call on 24/7 to have their banking applications blocked if they are the victim of online fraud. More info below.


Continuous customer service in case of online fraud


Online fraud is everywhere and unfortunately fraudsters also work overtime: an online fraudster can commit a crime at any time, including after office hours or on weekends. That is why banks offer continuous customer service in case of online fraud. The banks can be reached 24/7 via special fraud numbers. Banks can then immediately block their customer's banking applications if he/she suspects that they are being misused. How can you contact your bank in case of fraud? This information can be found on the Card Stop page.


Number of fraud attempts continue to rise


Fraud attempts are still numerous. The most common form of fraud remains phishing: online fraudsters fish for their victims' bank details and personal bank codes. Their modus operandi? They send their victims an email, SMS, message via Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger or other social media that contains a link to a fake website. If they enter their personal bank codes on that fake website, they give the fraudsters free access to their bank account. And as long as the victim's bank card and/or banking application are not blocked, scammers can withdraw funds from the bank account. But we also have to watch out for other online fraud attempts. If you suspect that you have become the victim of an attempted fraud, you can call on the 24/7 service of your bank to have your banking application blocked as soon as possible.

I've got scammed. What should I do now?

Follow these steps immediately:

  • Call Card Stop on 078 170 170 to block your bank card.
  • Contact your bank as soon as possible to also block your banking application. All contact details of the banks in case of fraud are listed on the Card Stop website.
  • File a complaint with the police.