The best tips for safe shopping during Black Friday

26 November 2019 - 2 min Reading time

With Black Friday approaching, online discounts are everywhere. Companies seduce everyone with the hottest offers and the best deals. The ideal time to make a bargain as a consumer.


However, provided that she/he goes shopping with a healthy dose of vigilance. Because Black Friday is also an interesting day for fraudsters. Febelfin lists the best tips to avoid falling into the fraud trap.

Black Friday is the dream excuse for fraudsters to send phishing messages. Just like every year, many consumers receive messages (emails, text messages, social media messages) about an unmissable offer or a sky-high discount.

In order to enjoy that super nice deal, you are "casually" asked for banking information. Or the message links to a payment page where you can immediately pay for those dirt cheap jeans. Anyone who falls into this phishing trap may end up with a plundered account.


The following tips ensure that phishing fraudsters don't stand a chance:

  • Never give out your PIN or other bank codes via telephone, email, SMS or social media.
  • Ignore messages that take you via a link to a (fake) payment site or a (counterfeit) app or site of your bank.
  • Only make transfers in the bank's trusted app on your smartphone or via your bank's secure website.

So if you like to look for the best bargains online, you should be careful. Not only to score the highest discount or the best service, but also not to be scammed. Because even if fraudsters do not abuse Black Friday to send phishing emails, the consumer can still buy a pig in a poke. And then those nice jeans never arrive or turn out to be a worthless piece of junk.