Energy crisis: more than 10,000 payment deferrals granted for mortgage loans

23 February 2023 - 5 min Reading time

In the fall of 2022, the financial sector committed to providing support to individuals facing financial difficulties due to the energy crisis by offering a payment deferral for the principal amount on mortgage loans under certain conditions. After 5 months, the count stands at 10,441 approved payment deferrals.

The latest figures

The banks' support measure for households, which allows for a payment deferral of the principal amount on their mortgage loans under certain conditions in response to the energy crisis, came into effect on October 1, 2022.

  • As of February 2, payment deferrals were granted for 10,441 mortgage loans, with 73% (or 7,605) falling within the Febelfin framework.
  • Payment deferrals were granted for 2,836 loans outside the Febelfin framework (by offering customized solutions).

This means that a total of nearly 10,500 payment deferrals were granted in 5 months.

The figures show that the banks are fulfilling their commitment, as payment deferrals are granted both within and outside the Febelfin framework. Approximately one-fifth of all payment deferrals are granted outside the Febelfin framework, meaning on an individual basis. This demonstrates that banks are also prepared to assist households with tailored solutions.

The latest data indicates that the number of payment deferrals is still increasing, but the growth is less pronounced compared to the end of last year. The financial sector continues to closely monitor the figures.

Individuals can still turn to their bank for a mortgage payment deferral within the Febelfin framework until the end of March.

The deadline for granting a deferral request is March 31, 2023. An average processing time of 10 calendar days should be taken into account. Individuals should ensure that their payment deferral request is submitted no later than March 21, 2023.

Breathing space of €468 a month


According to the latest figures, the average amount of the payment deferral for affected households is approximately €468 per month. The households that have requested a payment deferral have an extra monthly amount for 12 months, which they can use, for example, to pay their increased energy bills or more expensive groceries. This monthly financial "buffer" is more than welcome for them during these difficult times.


FAQ for Mortgage Payment Deferral for Individuals


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Leaflets for individuals and businesses


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