Six months after launch: E-learning 'Digicoach' is a success

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319 volunteers and professionals narrow the digital gap in online banking


Six months after the launch of the E-learning, a remarkable 319 enthusiastic volunteers and professionals in our country have completed the "Digicoach" E-learning provided by Febelfin. The E-learning aims to equip digicoaches with the necessary tools they can use in coaching digistarters in (safe) online banking and payments. The success of this initiative emphasizes not only the relevance and necessity of the E-learning but also its impact on a broad group of people facing digital challenges.

In addition to the E-learning, Febelfin conducts on-site information sessions on safe online banking and payments. In 2023, 86 information sessions were conducted, reaching a total of 3,750 individuals.


E-learning 'Digicoach' contributes to a more inclusive society


More than ever, Belgians have access to digital technology and use online services. However, not everyone has the necessary digital skills. Therefore, the banking sector continues to develop initiatives to promote digital inclusion, and the E-learning is an example of that.

Source: Storytelling Febelfin ‘To app or not to app’, May 2023 (French version)

In April 2023, Febelfin launched the E-learning for digicoaches or digital guides, meaning volunteers or professionals guiding digistarters in developing more digital skills. 'Digistarters' refers to individuals struggling to keep up with the digital evolution and feeling they lack sufficient digital skills.


Handy tool with a significant impact


For certain people, intensive or personal guidance is necessary. It is essential that the guide or digicoach has the right information and tools. Therefore, Febelfin has created a reference work with this E-learning, allowing these guides to work with appropriate tools and, in turn, make an impact. Febelfin aims to achieve a "multiplier effect" in this way. With the E-learning, Febelfin can share its knowledge with as many volunteers and professionals as possible and develop a network of digicoaches elevating the online banking skills of digistarters.

During the various modules, participants are taken into the world of online banking and digital payments, learning how to do this safely. There is also a section dedicated to how to best deal with digistarters.


E-learning is well received


Since its launch, the E-learning has received a lot of positive feedback: a whopping 96% of the students indicate that the content of the E-learning allows them to apply the learned topics in practice. This not only emphasizes the quality of the E-learning but also the practical usefulness of what participants learned during the information session. Those interested in taking the E-learning can send an email to

A very accessible course = very enjoyable! With this course, I feel completely ready to work as a recently graduated digicoach and help people with their questions about online banking.

Information sessions to promote digital inclusion


In addition to the E-learning, Febelfin has been conducting information sessions on digital and secure banking throughout Belgium for a few years. Most sessions are given on-site, some in the form of webinars (online). It is important to respond directly to the needs of target groups not well acquainted with online applications, and this is best done on-site, directly for individuals as well as stakeholders who come into contact with these target groups.

In Flanders alone, 53 sessions were already held in 2023. In Brussels, the project "J'adopte la banque numérique" ran between September and October 2023, reaching more than 250 people. This project has now expanded to Wallonia, where 9 information sessions have already taken place with more than 100 participants. Altogether, Febelfin organized 85 information sessions in 2023, reaching more than 3,750 people.

Also, in December and for the coming year, a considerable number of new sessions are already planned. You can find us in Poperinge, Bonheiden, Braine-le-Comte, Perwez, but also elsewhere in Belgium. These information sessions are tailored to the organization involved and can be requested for free via An overview of the planned sessions can also be obtained through this email address..


One size fits none


In Belgium, too many people still experience difficulties with online banking. It remains crucial to strive for digital inclusion and continue developing initiatives.

Digital inclusion is a shared responsibility because everything in society is becoming increasingly digitized. One uniform approach does not fit everyone; there is a need for customization to meet the needs of different target groups. Our goal is to ensure that those already familiar with online banking keep up with the latest developments, while those who struggle can receive the necessary guidance.

The banking sector takes responsibility by forming partnerships at the local level, including with CPAS, libraries, and elderly organizations... Collaboration with local actors such as digibanks or EPNs (digital public spaces) is essential. Through the E-learning and information sessions, the banking sector aims to support these actors and attentively listen to the needs in the field.