Are you buying a non-energy-efficient home? Check whether you can take out a Flemish renovation loan with an interest subsidy from your bank

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A renovation loan with interest subsidy: what is that?


Are you planning to buy a house or apartment with poor energy performance (EPC label E or F) in the near future? Then you have the option of applying for a Flemish renovation loan with an interest subsidy. This means that anyone who purchases a non-energy-efficient home or apartment and whose energy performance improves significantly within five years can take out a renovation loan on top of the home loan when purchasing the home.


The Flemish government provides an interest subsidy for this: the interest you pay on the renovation loan is repaid, depending on the interest rate and the intended EPC label, up to a maximum of 3.5%.

The Flemish renovation credit must therefore mainly be used for the renovation of your home or apartment with a poor energy performance (label E or F) in order to improve your energy label to at least label D. And this within a period of 5 years. The more energy-efficient the house is renovated, the greater the interest subsidy. The date of applying for the credit (not the date of the notarial deed) determines whether you fall under the conditions of 2023.

How do you take out such a credit?


You take out the renovation credit with your bank. At the same bank, you must take out the Flemish renovation loan at the same time as the home loan for the purchase of your home or apartment.

If you want to apply for such a renovation loan, you must be able to submit a statement of honor. If you receive a home through a gift or an inheritance, depending on your income, you can contact the energy house to take out a similar My Renovation Loan.

With a My Renovation Loan, an interest subsidy is not used, but the reduced interest rate is granted at the start.


It is not always easy to estimate whether your renovation plans are feasible and whether they have the desired effect in terms of energy performance. You can obtain advice to make an estimate that is as realistic as possible

  • with your architect
  • with the energy expert who has drawn up the EPC for your home
  • at an energy house
  • or with a renovation coach

If the building permit for the intended works is ultimately not obtained and the intended energy label may not be achieved, you must immediately notify the Flemish Energy and Climate Agency (VEKA) so that no interest subsidy is paid, which then has to be reclaimed.

Do you want to know more?

Do you want to know whether you are eligible for a renovation loan with an interest subsidy and/or whether your bank offers this loan? Then contact your bank personally and be sure to discuss the options together.

You can read more information about the possibilities and the conditions on the website of the Flemish Government.