Escape room: The Hacker Hotline

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Too many young people are still not sufficiently aware of the dangers of online fraud. 23% of young people have never heard of phishing. With the Hacker Hotline, a mobile escape room, Febelfin wants to make young people aware of the dangers of online fraud and quick money in a fun way and help them to protect themselves against this. Players are challenged to outsmart the phisher…


'The Hacker Hotline' is a mobile escape room with which Febelfin goes to young people, partners, schools and events to raise awareness about forms of online fraud such as phishing. During the game you will learn more about the techniques that fraudsters use to trap people and you will learn to protect yourself against such fraud. Once you have escaped the bus, you have all the tools you need to go online safely in real life. In the meantime, you will also get to know key concepts such as two-factor authentication or what a strong password is.

It's in the details


The game fits in seamlessly with the new campaign that Febelfin has launched together with partners 'Centre for Cybersecurity Belgium' and the 'Cyber ​​Security Coalition'. You can recognize phishing by being vigilant and paying attention to certain details. So if you want to win the game against the phisher, you will have to pay attention to the details in the escape room.

A sneak peak


Anyone can become a victim of online fraud. In the Hacker Hotline you are the point of contact for victims of phishing and scams. Your job is to provide help to panicky people via the telephone and video line, a race against time. The game becomes even more exciting when the hacker suddenly appears on the scene.

Who is the game made for?


First of all, the escape game is aimed at young people to make them aware of the dangers of making money quickly and forms of fraud such as phishing and WhatsApp fraud. But the general public also benefits from more awareness and can play the game. The Hacker Hotline can be used by members, organizations, associations, schools or partners who want to warn about online fraud.


I'm interested!

If you would like to know more about the Hacker Hotline or do you see opportunities to collaborate with Febelfin to deploy the Hacker Hotline, please send us an email.