Card and cash trapping!

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When you perform transactions or withdraw money from an ATM, it is wise to be vigilant. Here too, criminals make attempts to extract your money using tricks or tactics. So make sure they don't run off with your money! The information below will help you recognize this type of fraud.


What is card trapping?


Fraudsters make sure your payment card gets stuck in an ATM. Then when you leave to get help, they strike and recover the card. Here too they look at your secret code.


How does it work?


With cash trapping, fraudsters manipulate the ATM so that no money comes out of the machine. They place a cover plate in front of the slot. The ATM goes through the entire (cash issuance) procedure. So on the screen you see 'take card' or 'take money out', but the money does not come out of the machine. This makes you believe that the machine is defective. Chances are you'll be leaving to get help or alert bank staff. As soon as you leave, the cash trappers take the money from the ATM and make off with your money.


What do you do against card and cash trapping?


Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to prevent cash and card trapping, but you can prevent cash trappers from stealing your money. Do you not get any money after withdrawing money from the machine? The bank's telephone number is on the ATM and you can find the reporting numbers online. Stand by the machine while you call. This way the criminals cannot get hold of your money.