Financing companies

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The core task of banks is, of course, to finance the economy. They create opportunities for people and businesses to grow, keeping the economy running.

Financial sector as strong partner for financing the economy


The banking sector continues to assume its social role in financing the economy and remains an important partner for companies in terms of lending. For example, in 2022, no less than 170 billion in credit was granted to companies despite the difficult economic situation. The video illustrates the unique role of the sector. For more figures on lending to companies, please refer to the Febelfin press releases.


Website 'Financiering van ondernemingen'


How can I finance my business? How do I request and maintain a credit? Where can I find guarantees and support. The answer to these questions can be found on the website A handy website full of tips & tools for entrepreneurs.


Financial difficulties?


When your company is confronted with a loss of turnover or other unforeseen events, this can have a lot of consequences and the financial possibilities change. This can weigh on your company's income. This can make it more difficult to meet her financial obligations. Are you worrying about the repayment of your business loan? Contact your bank as soon as possible and talk about it. Together with you, the bank examines which solutions exist to deal with any problems.