Energy crisis: Deferment of payment for home loans

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Energy and raw material prices have risen enormously in recent months, with major consequences for the economic situation in our country. The high energy prices also put a particular strain on the financial situation of many families.


The financial sector wants to assist private individuals as well as possible and guide them through the energy crisis. Certain initiatives have been taken for this purpose, such as allowing payment deferral if certain eligibility conditions are met. This arrangement ended on March 31, 2023.


Financial difficulties: talk to your banker


The energy crisis still causes financial problems for many people today. Is that also the case with you? A golden advice: contact your banker and talk about it. This way your banker can look at the options for your situation together with you.


Banks are ready to help you. Together and on good terms, you can look for a possible tailor-made solution to reduce your monthly financial burden. Talk to him or her when you are having a hard time. Even if you are not yet in financial difficulties, you can ask your bank for help.