What are your rights as a consumer regarding direct debits?

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Febelfin encourages you to get in touch with your bank


Febelfin regularly receives inquiries about irregularities with direct debits. In light of this, we would like to reiterate the rights of consumers concerning direct debits and the actions you, as a customer, can take to stop direct debit collections.


First and foremost, as a customer, you should consider terminating your contract with the supplier and even disputing the contract if necessary. You can refer to the contractual terms to understand the appropriate procedure for this.

European legislation also provides a protective framework in case of issues with a direct debit. In this context, Febelfin advises the following:

  • Contact your bank to block this direct debit from being processed on your account. The bank can prevent a creditor from further debiting funds from your account. This can only be done upon your request. Some banks offer this option through their mobile or online banking tools.

  • Request a refund from your bank for the disputed payments. This can be done up to 8 weeks after the debit or up to 13 months after the debit if the creditor cannot provide a valid direct debit mandate. Some banks allow customers to request refunds through their mobile or online banking tools. If the collection was legitimate, the underlying debt will still remain.

Additionally, the European Consumer Centre advises reporting this issue to the Economic Inspection. You can find more information on their website.