Everyhting you need to know about PSD2

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PSD2, a European regulation for payment services, ensures that entities other than banks can also access payment data in a secure manner.


What changes for the consumer?


Payments are even more secure

In our country, we were already leaders in secure online purchases. With PSD2, this security is further enhanced across Europe. Whether you're paying with your debit card, credit card, or smartphone, you will now need to verify your identity more often.

Depending on the situation, you'll need to combine two of these three characteristics:

  • Something you know (e.g., your PIN code)
  • Something you possess (e.g., your card reader or smartphone)
  • Something unique to you (e.g., your fingerprint)

Overview and insights make it even more convenient

Thanks to PSD2, you can access all your payment accounts from different banks in a single app, providing a consolidated overview.

This gives you immediate insight, such as understanding how you spend your money. Of course, you only gain this overview and insight if you choose to share your data with other banks or parties.


Only if you want to

You decide which data you share and with whom. You grant permission or not to other banks or parties to use your data for other purposes.

More questions? Ask your bank for more information.