Febelfin applauds proposal to make digital payments mandatory

6 March 2019 - 2 min Reading time

Febelfin welcomes CD&V's proposal that obliges companies to provide at least one digital payment method. And this in addition to the possibility to pay in cash.


Belgians like to pay by card, but in 2019 that is not always possible everywhere. Compared to our northern neighbours, there are fewer payment terminals or digital payment solutions at merchants and the liberal professions. Belgians are also much more inclined to pay small amounts in cash. So it can be better.

That is why the banking sector, together with the trade associations, wants to further guide consumers and merchants towards digital payments. This can be done by further investing in payment solutions from the banks. And by properly explaining which digital payment systems exist today and how much they cost for a merchant.

Febelfin invites the trade organizations to work together to familiarize traders and the liberal professions with the various digital payment solutions that exist: both for payment via bank card and mobile via smartphone. We also want to give traders a transparent picture of the costs involved, so that they can make the most advantageous choice for them.

Digital payment is easy, fast and user-friendly. Moreover, a digital payment - online, mobile or by card - is a lot safer than a cash payment. In the event of theft or loss of his payment card, the consumer can have it blocked immediately. The trader also benefits: because he has less cash in his cash register, he is less likely to be robbed.