ATMs: Febelfin in constructive dialogue with government

3 March 2023 - 2 min Reading time

Digital payments have become well established in recent years and cash use is declining. We see this trend all over Europe. This change in customer behavior has an impact on the ground, but the financial sector understands that today there is still an important basic need for the use of cash. Sufficient access to cash is therefore still an important objective and concern of our sector, in which we will continue to play our role.


This is demonstrated by the various initiatives that have been rolled out by the banks in recent years to ensure continued access to cash. In addition, we are currently in a dialogue with the government and regulator to see where possible further optimization in terms of access to ATMs is possible.

Febelfin is therefore very surprised to hear the reaction of Minister Dermagne earlier this week. Talks with the government are ongoing and making progress. We have made a number of constructive proposals, taking into account economic realities and societal needs, and look forward to the response of the authorities.

As an industry, we remain strongly committed to reaching an agreement in the coming weeks, and are convinced that this is still possible.