New chairman for the board of Leaseurope

8 October 2019 - 5 min Reading time

Patrick Beselaere is the new chairman of the Board of Directors of Leaseurope, the European Federation of Leasing Companies. Patrick Beselaere succeeds the Norwegian Morten Guldhaug, who is retiring.


Beselaere's appointment took place on Thursday 10 October during the General Meeting of Leaseurope in Budapest. Beselaere has been a member of the Board of Directors of Leaseurope since 2016 and has been active in the sector for three decades, including as CEO of ING Lease Belgium, Global Head of ING Lease and Chairman of the Belgian Leasing Association BLV/ABL, the professional organization of leasing companies in Belgium.

Steady growth


With 30 years of experience in the sector, Patrick Beselaere is considered a real "leasosaurus."

I am very proud to be able to take on the presidency of Leaseurope. It is a recognition of my track record in the sector. I have every confidence that the sector has a bright future ahead. Since 2000, the lease sector has experienced steady growth, which each year exceeds that of European GDP.”
Patrick Beselaere

Patrick Beselaere


Patrick Beselaere: “In the coming years there will also be many opportunities in the sector, which does much more than just lease and rent out cars. One of our slogans is 'Name it and we lease it.' Think of all types of rolling stock, but also boats, aircraft, buildings, production installations, ICT equipment, software and so on.”



Patrick Beselaere: “The sector faces a number of challenges. It comes down to positioning ourselves in such a way that we can make the opportunities and possibilities of leasing available to our customers as much as possible, while at the same time remaining decisive in an increasingly regulated world.”

Sharing economy and circular economy


Patrick Beselaere is convinced that the leasing sector can help small and medium-sized companies grow faster. At least as important is that the leasing sector contributes to the greening of society by putting the sharing economy into practice and promoting circular processes.

Patrick Beselaere: “It is becoming less and less important to be the owner of a product as a company or as a private individual. What becomes important is impeccable and user-friendly access to use. Leasing can take care of that. In addition, we relieve companies and individuals of the concerns that come with owning and using their own products.”

More info about Patrick Beselaere


Patrick Beselaere has extensive expertise in the lease sector. He is (and will remain) chairman of the Belgian Leasing Association BLV/ABL, the professional organization of leasing companies in Belgium. He has been CEO of ING Lease Belgium since 2007 and Global Head of ING Lease - Europe since 2012. ING Lease provides financial leasing solutions in the distribution network of ING bank, vendors and brokers for business customers in 9 European countries.

Patrick Beselaere started his career in banking and textiles before moving to the leasing sector in 1989, where he held various positions in sales, marketing, operations and risk management before moving on to general management.

He is a frequent speaker on leasing and has published several articles and books on the subject, including the standard Leasing Handbook (Die Keure, 2007).

Patrick Beselaere is 56 years old and lives in Bruges. He is married and the father of two daughters. He holds a Master in Econometrics (KU Leuven, 1986)  Master in Tax Management (VUB, 1987) and holds a degree in Real Estate Management (KU Leuven, 1996). He is an active athlete with a passion for triathlon and football and an avid supporter of FC Bruges.

More about Leaseurope


Leaseurope was founded in 1972. Since April 2006, the non-profit association based in Brussels has represented not only the European leasing sector but also the associations of car rental companies in Europe.

Vandaag verenigt Leaseurope 46 verenigingen van leasebedrijven in 33 Europese landen actief in leasing, lange termijn en/of korte termijn autoverhuur, samen meer dan 1.400 leasemaatschappijen en 500 korte termijn verhuurbedrijven. Het productengamma van de leden van Leaseurope varieert van huurkoop tot financiële en operationele leases van alle soorten activa (auto's, materieel en onroerend goed) en omvat ook de verhuur van auto's, bestelwagens en vrachtwagens. Leaseurope vertegenwoordigt ongeveer 94% van de Europese leasemarkt.