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29 March 2024 - 6 min Reading time

Financial sector’s annual stakeholder event fully dedicated to accessible banking 


Febelfin, the Federation of the Belgian Financial Sector, yesterday organised its annual stakeholder event "Febelfin Connect" centred around "Accessible banking: the way forward". The financial sector wants to be a partner, fully committed to a sustainable and inclusive society. It wants to respond to social demand and endorses the importance of accessible banking, both for consumers and entrepreneurs. The sector's commitment is clear: banking services, online banking and payments should be inclusive and accessible to all. Both for digital and less- or non-digital consumers.

This event was the perfect opportunity to reinforce this commitment and present some ongoing and new initiatives of the sector regarding more accessibility and digital inclusion: the extension of the universal banking service (UBD), the launch of a new "accessible banking" website and the organisation of an inspiration day for stakeholders around this theme in autumn.

Together with its members, Febelfin has decided to develop a number of "accessible banking" initiatives in 2024-2025. These will focus on financial literacy, access to banking services, digital inclusion and transparency. In this regard, several initiatives will be developed in the coming months and years.


Extension of the Universal Banking Service (UBD)


A major announcement is the extension of the Universal Banking Service (UBD). The agreement with the government on the UBD was set to expire on 30 June 2024, but the industry wants to continue meeting the needs of customers who use little or no digital means to manage their financial affairs. That’s why the industry is taking the commitment to extend this service indefinitely.

The UBD allows manual transactions (e.g. paper transfers) to be carried out at a reasonable rate of up to EUR 60. This maximum rate will be indexable in the future. The cost of the UBD is currently between EUR 39 and EUR 60, depending on the bank. This service also makes it possible for less digitally-savvy consumers to fully manage their banking affairs. In this way, the industry wants to offer a solution to enable everyone to pay and participate in economic life smoothly.


Launch of “Accessible banking” website


As a sector, we pay attention to the accessibility of banking services for all. Also for people in vulnerable positions, with different wants and needs. We do this through a variety of initiatives and activities.

To reach and support even more people, Febelfin developed the new website "" together with its members. On this website, you can read more about the various initiatives taken in the context of accessible banking and digital inclusion. For example, you can find all information about the banks' offer in the context of accessible banking and the Universal Banking Service (UBD), and you can consult the agenda of our information sessions on digital banking and payments. In this way, we want to support as many people as possible and provide the necessary tools.

Striving for more digital inclusion and teaching digital skills is crucial in today's society. But one uniform approach does not work for everyone. Customisation is needed to meet the needs of different target groups, and a lot of initiatives are being set up by Febelfin and its members in this area.

The objective is to make the available help better known and to raise awareness so that the necessary guidance can be provided, together with all partners.


Inspiration day & dialogue with partners from the field


Febelfin highlights the importance of partnerships at federal, regional and local levels in the context of accessible banking to promote financial literacy, digital inclusion and accessibility of banking services. The banking sector is already working intensively with CPASs, Digibanks, libraries and elderly organisations, among others, to develop tailored initiatives. It is important to listen to the needs on the ground and to engage in dialogue with stakeholders that are in contact with the various target groups.

Febelfin wants to continue to strengthen these collaborations in the future and call on governments to enter into partnerships. By joining forces, we can make the difference together. In the autumn of 2024, an inspiration day will also be organised in that context for all partners and stakeholders, with the purpose of exchanging experiences and inspiring each other.

“We need a spirit of collaboration, of partnership to collectively address challenges. From building hundreds of thousands sustainable houses for Belgian families, helping our entrepreneurs and SMEs to grow sustainable to bridging the digital divide and fostering financial inclusivity. Only through collaboration, we will succeed.”
Michael Anseeuw, Chairman Febelfin

Annual report 2023 & sustainability report : Stay up to date with our activities


Annual report 2023 & sustainability report : Stay up to date with our activities

Febelfin has worked intensively with its members and various partners on social and political issues during the past year. The full overview of our achievements in 2023 can be found in our annual report.