There are plenty of "phish" in the sea

26 April 2021 - 2 min Reading time

The fight against fraud and scams is and remains one of the top priorities of the Belgian banking sector.


After all, banks have built in various systems to ensure that transactions are safe and to prevent and/or limit fraud as a result of phishing as much as possible. Moreover, the banks invest in intensive monitoring and thus undo a lot of damage. These efforts produce remarkable results: more than 75% of all fraudulent transfers (for which a phished response code was used) are detected by the banks and blocked or recovered.

Nevertheless, ongoing awareness-raising is very much needed, as phishing remains a social problem: 12% of the population, and even 30% of young people, have never heard of phishing. Extremely worrying!

That is why Febelfin is fully committed to raising awareness and wants to warn people as much as possible about the dangers of fraud. Febelfin has compiled an information brochure filled with interesting figures and facts about phishing.

In addition, we explain in the brochure how exactly the banking sector is combating phishing, and why a large fishing net is necessary. Only together with all stakeholders, and with everyone taking responsibility, we can win this battle, because every incident is one too many.