Investment fraud: a collaborative video to raise awareness among the Belgian population

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25 April 2024 - 2 min Reading time

Key stakeholders in the fight against investment fraud team up to raise awareness among the general public. 


Investment fraud, which is usually not well known to the general public, is a form of fraud in which scammers suggest consumers to buy shares or other fictitious or worthless financial products. Although the banking industry does not yet have figures on the amounts lost by Belgian consumers due to this fraud, all fraud experts agree that the extent of the damage caused by this investment fraud is extensive and is increasing every day.    

Febelfin, the FSMA, the Federal Police and the Centre for Cybersecurity Belgium jointly developed an informative video to raise awareness about how investment fraud works. This initiative aims to protect the general public from the traps of scammers by explaining how to recognise warning signs.    

The video features several stakeholders, including a victim, a bank's fraud department, the FSMA, a commissioner of the Federal Police and Febelfin. The goal is to increase people’s awareness of the risks of fake investments, which frequently appear on social media and have already made many victims in Belgium.