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Febelfin warns about search engine fraud

26 January 2023 - 3 min Reading time

Protect yourself against fraud with our tips

Search engine fraud is currently a commonly used method by fraudsters. In addition to the typical phishing emails or SMS messages, fraudsters are also using search engines on the internet to lead you to fake websites. Febelfin warns against this form of fraud and recommends never accessing an internet banking website through a search engine

How does search engine fraud work?


If you search for your bank's internet banking website using a search engine (e.g., Google, Yahoo, Bing), you may be directed to a fake website. Clicking on this website and entering your bank details and secret code provides online scammers with access to your account.

Tips to protect yourself


Banks and the Centre for Cybersecurity Belgium (CCB) work diligently to remove references to fraudulent phone numbers or websites from search engines as quickly as possible. However, new fraudulent phone numbers or websites may appear soon after.

  • Be vigilant.
  • For online banking, we recommend never using a search engine. Never use a link to your bank's payment site. Always type the address of your bank's website into your browser yourself, or add it to your favourites.

Did you fall into the trap anyway?

Take the following steps: