New e-learning for trainers to promote digital inclusion

26 April 2023 - 7 min Reading time

Febelfin presents its new e-learning 'digicoaches'

A large part of our lives takes place online or happens digitally. Shopping, reading the newspaper, applying for a job or requesting a new identity card: it can all be done in a few clicks. Paying and arranging your banking affairs also belong in that list. More and more people are doing it. The reason is simple: it goes smoothly and quickly. But against the enormous benefits of this digitization, some people find it more difficult to make this online transition. With the new e-learning, Febelfin wants to support this transition and offer supervisors the necessary tools and a frame of reference to guide people through the learning process of safe online banking and payments.


A study shows that the digitization of our society has increased since corona: more than ever, citizens have access to digital technology and use digital services. However, this does not translate into an increase in digital skills. 4 out of ten Belgians are digitally vulnerable and do not have sufficient digital skills.

The sector continues to develop tailor-made initiatives for a section of the population that is finding it more difficult to make the transition to the digital world. Febelfin is therefore proud to launch a brand new e-learning for digicoaches or digicoaches, i.e. volunteers or professionals who guide people in developing more digital skills. With this e-learning, Febelfin wants to share its knowledge and expertise and offer as many people as possible the opportunity  to get started with online banking and payments in a safe manner.


A new tool to help build a more inclusive society


The financial sector pays particular attention to digital inclusion. More digital skills for everyone helps our society move forward. The banking sector is eager to contribute to this. This is fully in line with our social commitment: creating a safe digital environment and ensuring that everyone finds their way in it.

At various times throughout the year, the banks and Febelfin take initiatives to increase digital inclusion. In our communications and initiatives, we always try to focus on a specific target group and to present the information in a comprehensible and non-technical way.

Febelfin has been organizing information sessions about (secure) online banking and payments throughout Belgium for a few years now. The great need for such information is apparent from the number of requests that Febelfin is allowed to receive. In order to respond even better to this need and in the context of the establishment of digibanks in Flanders, Febelfin has developed an e-learning for digicoaches.

The e-learning aims to provide digicoaches with the necessary tools that they can use when coaching digistarters in (secure) online banking and payment. By digistarters we mean someone who has difficulty keeping up with the digital evolution and who feels that they have insufficient digital skills.

With this new initiative, Febelfin wishes to share its knowledge with as many volunteers and professionals as possible and to develop a network of digicoaches to raise the digital skills of digistarters to a higher level.

What does the e-learning offer?

Different modules to get you started


The e-learning is free and available on the Febelfin Academy learning platform. The e-learning is intended for both professional and voluntary supervisors and consists of 4 different chapters:

  • PART 1: How to handle a digistarter 
    Help Roger, Anissa and Wolf navigate the digital world
  • PART 2: Online banking 
    How to start your PC banking, banking with the banking app, etc.
  • PART 3: Safe online banking 
    Help your digistarters recognize fraud, what to do if you are a victim, etc.
  • PART 4: Digital payment  
    Pay contactless, pay and receive money with the bank app

Within the e-learning, the digicoach can also choose which chapter he/she wishes to follow. He/she can therefore go directly to the chapter in which he/she is interested without having to go through the entire process. You can follow the e-learning wherever, whenever and as often you want. No prior knowledge is required.

Dynamic content and updated information


Each chapter consists of concrete cases, videos and exercises with practical examples for interactive learning.

It is a complete reference work packed with tools to get started with online banking and payments in a safe way. The content of the e-learning is also dynamic: the chapters are supplemented with new/current information and newly available material (from Febelfin but also from external parties). For example, you will find an overview of telephone numbers where you can contact your bank for help with online banking.


Point of contact for all questions


A contact point has also been created ( where the digital supervisor can go if he/she has additional questions or has received questions from digistarters that he/she cannot answer himself/herself.

Febelfin is ready to provide the trainers with maximum assistance in this regard. After completing the e-learning, the trainer receives a certificate from Febelfin Academy.


Where can I find the e-learning?


If you are interested in following the e-learning, it is sufficient to send an email to Do not forget to mention your name, surname and email (this information is necessary for the delivery of the certificate). You will then have access to the learning platform of Febelfin Academy where the e-learning is offered.


Only for the digicoach, not the consumer


The e-learning is initially not aimed at the end consumer or the digistarter, but at the digicoach (= the person who guides people to sharpen their digital skills). The e-learning is open to everyone, which means that both volunteers and professionals can follow the e-learning. You don't need any prior knowledge.