11,292 bank accounts opened by Ukrainian refugees in Belgium

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Since the start of the war in Ukraine, 11,292 bank accounts have been opened by Ukrainian refugees in Belgium. After all, many Ukrainians have left their country and have arrived in Belgium as refugees. Access to a bank account is therefore essential for them to function in our society.


Banks are ready to help refugees


Since the beginning of the conflict, Belgian banks have provided basic banking services to Ukrainian refugees. This basic banking service allows them to have a current account with a debit card and to carry out basic transactions with it. There is also the possibility for refugees to open a normal bank account.

In total, 11,292 bank accounts have been opened in Belgium by Ukrainian refugees since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine. With a bank account, a refugee can receive his or her wages or social benefits, withdraw money at the ATM, make payments in shops, buy train and metro tickets… etc. This makes it easier for him/her to participate in society.


Information for Ukrainian refugees available in several languages

To help refugees gain a better insight into their banking affairs in Belgium, Febelfin has bundled all concrete and practical information about the basic banking service in a folder. It is available in Ukrainian, Russian, French, English, Dutch and German.

The brochure answers a number of frequently asked questions, such as: what is the basic banking service, who can use it and what documents are required to apply for the basic banking service. This brochure will be distributed via Fedasil and the government's information website. Other documents drawn up in the context of the war in Ukraine are also available in various languages.