Reasons why saving is not that easy

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We all know it: saving is important. For a home, our old age or for our children. Yet we sometimes find it difficult to put a penny aside. And there are some very human, psychological reasons for that.


Reason 1: We don't have a clear picture of the future


How much will we earn later? How lucky or unlucky will we be? It is difficult for us to imagine what our future will look like and what we will need.

When we finally reach old age - the moment when our savings are put to the test - we don't know how long they will last. That is why we put savings on the back burner.

Reason 2: We are too optimistic


If we do manage to form a picture of the future, we view it through very rose colored glasses. For example, we think that we will manage to save later, even if the past does not speak in our favor. We are confident that we will earn more, spend less and therefore save more.

Reason 3: We want it “now” instead of “later”


We save more easily for an event in the near future than for one that still seems distant. That's why we're more likely to save for dinner next month than for a trip in two years.