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The advantages of the sector are too little known


Randstad's Employer Brand Research 2020 shows that this is not really top of mind among Belgians. After two difficult years, the financial sector has managed to gain two places in the ranking of the most attractive sectors, but it still falls outside the top ten.


The attractiveness of an employer is related to a combination of different criteria. Pay and benefits, of course, remain at the top of the list. But that is no longer the only criterion that plays a role in choosing an employer: working atmosphere, job security and work-life balance, for example, also play a role. In sixth place are future prospects. For the under-25-year-old respondents, this criterion even weighs the most (44%).


Wien De Geyter, chairwoman of Febelfin Academy and secretary-general of Febelfin: “Our sector is undergoing rapid change, just think of digitalisation. But no matter how great that digital pressure is, people remain the key to our future. New talent – ​​with a critical and innovative mind – is desperately needed. However, the tight labor market makes it difficult to attract that talent. Nevertheless, we offer what talent needs, such as training to grow in the job and an environment in which people can do their thing. Young people are also given every opportunity for a great job full of satisfaction and future prospects. We must show them that ambition, because it is important that they know what is possible in our sector, the moment they make a choice of study or enter the labor market. Febelfin Academy has long been the partner of choice for training existing talent in the sector. With the support of the social partners from the financial sector, we are now taking the initiative to also focus on new talent.

A campaign as an eye opener


Febelfin Academy – with the support of Febelfin – is today launching a large-scale awareness campaign to show young people (17 to 25 years old) where they can use their potential within the sector and how they can help build the challenging future. Hence the appropriate call: 'Be the next generation of finance'.

Ann Vanlommel, managing director of Febelfin Academy: “The campaign debunks clichés such as 'banking is old school' or 'bankers are ordinary'. The focus is on the many possibilities of our sector. To the interesting, new roles that there are for young people. They get an answer to their questions: Which competences do I need? Which jobs are possible? How can I develop further? All information is tailored to them.”


A handy test and inspiring stories


Social media posts attract attention and lead young people to the website www.nextgenerationoffinance.be. There they will find information about five positions that they can work towards. Which position best suits their interests? They quickly find out through an accessible, interactive test: 'The 5 filters of finance'.

Because real stories make even more sense, after the test the young people can watch an interview with a young banker who does that kind of job.

More videos will appear on the website in the coming months, in which experts explain how the sector is developing and innovating. All that information should show young people how versatile the financial sector is. With the necessary ambition and the will to learn lifelong, they can build a great career.

Become a real banker


A second part of the campaign is aimed at university students from the Bachelor's in Banking and Finance. For them there is the 'Fin Competition', a brand new concept to give them a real taste of traveling and sailing in the financial sector.

Fifteen campuses of thirteen Belgian colleges participate in the competition. It concerns almost 400 students. Each university of applied sciences holds its own competition between early October and mid-November. The final piece is the national final on November 27: the best teams from each school will compete against each other.

In teams of three, the students play an online simulation in which they take on the role of a banker. They have to make decisions about interest rates for consumers, SMEs and companies, about risk management, about personnel policy, etc. They do that together, with respect for everyone's opinion. In addition to a challenge cup, the best team wins an unforgettable experience: a day in the wake of a top man from the financial sector.

"Bankers have an important social responsibility, especially in these unprecedented times. They help people and companies move forward. Thanks to the Fin Competition, the students can get to know their important future role for the first time. I wish the next generation of finance every success. I count on them.
Alexander De Croo, Minister of Finance

Jeroen Peeters, Professor of Corporate Finance at Karel de Grote Hogeschool: “How exactly does a bank work? What are the risks and what can she earn money with? Can the bank create added value for its shareholders and for its employees? The Fin Competition is an ingenious online banking simulation game. Our students Finance and Insurance will be able to use all their knowledge and apply it. This will sharpen their interest and understanding of the banking world.”