Employees with burnout receive special guidance in the financial sector

17 January 2019 - 3 min Reading time

Burnout is a social problem. Minister of Health Maggie De Block also realizes this, who, among other things, has chosen the financial sector for a pilot project against burnout. This makes the financial sector one of the first sectors to collaborate with the government to tackle burnout in a professional and human manner.


In January 2019, the Federal Agency for Occupational Risks (Fedris) will launch a pilot project to tackle the burnout problem in the financial sector. This is a program specifically intended for employees who are (at risk of) suffering from burnout: they are having difficulty at work, are often absent for short periods or have even stopped working.

Broad support


With the guidance program, Fedris wants to support these employees in their recovery and help them get back to work full of energy and enthusiasm. Sessions are offered with a psychologist who listens to the employee's story and gives him or her advice on how to manage stress more easily and how to regain your energy. In addition, a physiotherapist can also be called in to address any physical complaints resulting from the burnout.

Throughout the entire process, employees are supported by their burnout counselor, who monitors their progress and helps build a positive relationship between the employee and his or her employer.

Flexible and tailor-made


It is a flexible process, tailored to the person and his or her working environment, that is adapted to the needs of each individual and what he or she has experienced. The stage of burnout the employee is in can also influence the process.

The entire process takes a maximum of nine months at most. Fedris bears the costs for the sessions with the psychologist and/or physiotherapist, the practical costs of the process and also the employee's travel costs.

The pilot project will officially start on January 17, 2019.