Financial problems due to flooding? Banks willing to help

23 July 2021 - 2 min Reading time

Last week, many families were affected by the flood. Febelfin and the financial sector are thinking of the victims, but are also ready to help the affected families find a solution to their financial problems.


Last week's floods and heavy rains caused enormous damage. We encourage individuals and families who are experiencing difficulties with repaying their home loan to quickly contact their bank or lender to discuss together what solutions are possible. Together we can look for a solution for your specific situation in order to bridge this difficult period as best as possible.

Even if you are not yet in financial difficulties, but possibly expect them, you can ask your lender for help.

This could, for example, be a temporary postponement of capital repayment on your mortgage loan. A monthly repayment consists of part capital and part interest. To reduce the monthly burden, you can check whether a temporary postponement of the repayment of capital is possible. Lenders are prepared to review the files together with the necessary speed and quickly look for a solution. Every situation is different, and lenders will therefore look at each file individually and try to alleviate the financial problems as much as possible.

Lenders will also work with insurers to quickly review each file with the necessary consultation, so that reconstruction can begin after the damage suffered. The sector is ready to provide assistance where possible and to play its social role in supporting affected families.

The flood is causing financial problems for many people in the affected areas. Is that also the case with you? A piece of golden advice: contact your banker in time and talk about it. This way, your banker can work with you to find possible solutions for your situation.