Survey digital banking: to app or not to app?

2 May 2023 - 3 min Reading time

In 2022, a quarter of Belgians say they will use online banking more often than the year before. Online banking is on the rise, but physical contact with the bank remains essential, especially for important decisions.


This is the conclusion of an online survey conducted by research agency iVOX on behalf of Febelfin. Through which channels do Belgians most often use banking services? Why and how often does the Belgian population still physically go to the bank branch? And what about cash withdrawals?

Discover everything in this storytelling.

Online onderzoek uitgevoerd door onderzoeksbureau iVOX in opdracht van Febelfin tussen 5 en 9 december 2022 bij 1000 Belgen representatief op taal, geslacht, leeftijd en diploma. De maximale foutenmarge bij 1000 Belgen bedraagt 3,02%.

The most important numbers at a glance:

  • Compared to a year ago, a quarter of Belgians (25%) say they use online banking more often.

  • The most popular channels for using banking services are by far the PC (89%) and the smartphone app (82%). Mobile banking via the app is gradually overtaking internet banking with a PC. Both young people and the over-55s are becoming more and more fans.

  • There is a further increase in the share of Belgians who indicate that they use live chat (38%) compared to the previous measurements in 2021 (37%) and 2020 (33%).

  • The top 3 services most used via mobile and internet banking are: making payments (84%), checking balances/transactions (70%) and making transfers between own accounts (43%).

  • Only 8% of those surveyed do not use online banking. The main reasons for this are the fear of falling victim to abuse (29%) and the preference to arrange their banking affairs at the branch (24%). One fifth of this group finds online banking too complicated. Belgians indicate that they would like to receive more information about the security of online banking.

  • 6 out of 10 Belgians never or less than annually go to the bank branch. Only a small minority of those who sometimes make a physical appointment at the bank do so for routine matters such as making transfers and payments (5%) or creating a standing order (2%).

  • Belgians still go to the office for advice on important decisions:

    • Investment monitoring and advice

    • Ask for advice on personal financial situation

    • Apply for and manage a loan

  • Obtaining investment advice and following it up appears to be gaining importance (2020: 26%, 2021: 26%, 2022: 33%).

  • For 44% of Belgians, contact with their bank can take place more online.

  • The trend of decreasing use of cash that has started for several years also continues: 39% of Belgians withdraw cash less than once a month or never.

  • Since merchants are obliged to offer digital payments, 3 out of 5 (60%) say they hardly ever withdraw cash.