Febelfin launches a special website for digital banking

29 April 2020 - 2 min Reading time

In full corona times, we all live much more digitally than before. The same goes for banking. To help contain the spread of the coronavirus as much as possible, digital banking and payments are recommended. But not everyone is digitally literate. Anyone who has to take the step towards a more digital banking life today can visit a website specially made for this purpose with all kinds of information.

Practical videos


On this website, people will find a lot of practical information to immediately get started with digital banking. Short films show, among other things, how to open your bank's app, how to consult your accounts or how to make a transfer. Attention is also paid to safety. Just like digital payments. Last month, Febelfin already launched a number of videos that explain step by step how you can pay with the card, how you can pay with a QR code or how you can pay contactless with the card. These films have now also been incorporated into the digital banking site.

Banks are ready to help


For those who fail to bank digitally, banks are read to help. Anyone who wants can contact his/her bank by phone and ask to help him/her to do the start-up. The bank's telephone numbers are neatly listed on the website.