75 classes compete for title of most financially savvy class

26 March 2019 - 3 min Reading time

Tomorrow, 75 Belgian classes will compete against each other in the Wikifin and Febelfin money quiz. They are presented with 30 financial questions from everyday life. The class that gives the correct answers the fastest will advance to the European final on 7 May. There she competes with 26 other national winners for the title of the most financially skilled class in Europe.


The money quiz is appreciated


Wikifin and Febelfin are organizing the money quiz for the second year in a row. And this for students from the first stage of secondary education. Although the initiative has not been around for long, it is highly appreciated by teachers and students.

De geldquiz is een initiatief van Wikifin, het programma financiële educatie van de FSMA, en Febelfin. De Europese finale wordt in goede banen geleid door de Europese Bankenfederatie.

The money quiz attracts


Some of the success ingredients:

  • The quiz is not an individual competition. The students play with the whole class. The aim is to give the correct answer together.
  • The game element attracts. The quiz is played through the Kahoot! platform. The class participates interactively via PC or smartphone.
  • The students learn a lot about financial matters. In the weeks before the quiz, they receive a lot of pedagogical material from Wikifin to prepare. And therefore also to become more financially skilled.
  • A nice prize is provided for the 10 best classes. The winning class will receive a travel voucher worth 1000 euros. Podium places 2 through 10 are awarded with movie tickets for the entire class.

The money quiz is part of the Money Week


This week is Money Week: Wikifin's annual theme week on money matters. This year the focus is on promoting financial education in education. The ideal time to play the money quiz in class.

The same is happening in 26 other European countries. National finals will be held everywhere this week, with one winning class per country being selected.

The winning class may send two students to the European final in Brussels on 7 May. There they compete against each other. Whoever wins can take home the title of the most financially skilled class in Europe.

"Via Wikifin, the FSMA wants to provide everyone, preferably as early as possible, with the necessary tools to function in society and to have greater financial resilience. Wikifin has a varied educational offer for primary and secondary education."
Jean-Paul Servais, President FSMA