The Belgian Bank and Stockbroking Association (BVB)

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The Belgian Bank and Stockbroking Association (BVB), the professional association representing banks and stockbroking firms established in Belgium, was created on 1 January 2005 from the merger of the Belgian Bankers' Association (BVB, founded in 1936) and the Belgian Stockbroking Association (BVBL, founded in 1995).


The four main tasks of the BVB are:

  • representing and defending the interests of the banking and stock exchange sector vis-à-vis public authorities at European, federal, regional and community level, supervisory authorities, the general public, trade unions, etc.
  • offering a platform to its members where common views can be exchanged
  • providing its members with information, advise and professional training services
  • promoting the image of a sector with a sense of civic responsibility, notably through the promotion of sound rules of conduct

The BVB is a member of the European Banking Federation (EBF), the Federation of Belgian Enterprises (FEB), the International Chamber of Commerce and BusinessEurope. The association is actively involved in the work of the Belgian Financial Forum, the Clearing and Settlement House (UCV), SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) and Ombudsfin.

The members of the BVB are listed here: